i hate the twilight movies (totally ruined the books for me and ugh rob patty) and although i do agree he’s a good looking chap i’ve never been a fan of taylor lautner

until cuckoo

more specifically episode 2 and the nerd “everyone nose” dance scene. that was just all kinds of awesome and i am remorseful for ever dissing tl and have learned the error of my ways. i’m a fan now ok. what are tl fans called. i wanna be a lautneraticker which i heard is kinda like a lovatic but better and cooler and w/out the shitty vanilla aftertaste idk

am i drunk

i think i’m drunk

mutters random shit and shuffles off to watch nerd dance scene for the 1000000000000000000000000000 time

hashtag whathaveibecome

hashtag iltl

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Taylor Lautner in #Cuckoo 

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Taylor Lautner as Travis Maddox for Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster.

If Taylor wants to step up his game acting wise - that definitely would be one hell of a character to play. There’s drinking and ass kicking, cussing and sexing, smoking and gambling, this whole book is one wild ride - can’t wait to see it on screen.

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